Jacuzzi Hot Tub cover

When you have a hot tub set up .it’s time to invest in a hot tub cover. A hot tub cover protects your tub from the elements and keeps it looking brand new.Hot tub cover lifts are the best aftermarket item you can buy for  your hot tub.

it’s pretty much impossible for one person to remove a spa cover by themselves. If we didn’t get injured, our spa cover probably would get damaged.Customized to properly fit your Jacuzzi Hot Tub cover to increase energy efficiency and maintain cleaner water longer

But, how to choose the best hot tub cover lift for your particular spa? Here’s a guide to help you compare spa cover lifts, narrow down the choices, and find the hot tub cover lift that’s best for you.

Shape of Your Hot Tub

Some of our hot tub covers are meant to fit round tub shapes, and others won’t work on round at all. You can see there are many cover lifts that fit round and square spas, and another  lifts that will fit onto square spas, or straight sided spas.

Size of Your Hot Tub

This is not usually a concern, unless you have a very large tub, like a swim spa. Most of  hot tub cover lifts will work on a spa up to 8′ across, and a few cover lifts will fit spas up to 10′ across. If your spa is larger than that, you probably have a 4-panel or larger cover, in which case, you may use two cover lifters, one on each end of the spa.

Types of covers
Jacuzzi hot tub covers, Coleman spa covers, Sundance hot tub covers, Hot Spring spa covers, Marquis spa covers, Cal spa covers, and Dimension One spa covers

Clearance Required

This one is super important – some hot tub cover lifts require very little clearance, or space beside the spa to flip and store the cover off of the spa. But other cover lifts can require as much as 4 feet of space, because they hold the cover parallel to the floor. Some cover lifts also require side clearance, for the arms to swing on either side of the spa.

Cover Lift Costs

Not a huge difference in prices, but spa cover lifts currently range in price from $100-$225. The cheaper hot tub cover lifts are still very durable, but have a much simpler design, and may have fewer materials. Since they are all fairly close in price, may I suggest that you focus on features and what will seem to work best on your spa.


The warranty for hot tub cover lifts are either 1yr or 5 yr, but unlike our spa cover warranties, lift warranties are pretty tight  But, from my experience here in our returns/warranty department, warranty issues are rare anyway for spa cover lifters.

Where to Buy a Great Spa Cover?
There is not just one spa cover manufacturer that makes a quality hot tub cover.   As you search, just keep in mind what you learned  about the options and other aspects of ordering. You can also check with  HydroPro Sales Inc. who will help you find the right cover manufacturer that builds custom covers with the above criteria.

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