Planning Your Perfect Wedding – Share a Wedding Gown at Your Perfect Wedding

Sharing a gown with a friend, or maybe more correctly, wearing a friend’s gown can be a wonderful thing. It’s a little fraught, because wedding gowns are such personal things, and there’s always the chance of spilling a glass of red wine, but stick to white wine or champagne and you lesson your odds of trouble,Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai.

  • Wear the gown of a happily married friend. This is a lot like wearing an heirloom gown. It ties you with your clothing to the realm of the happily married.
  • Wear the gown of a friend who is divorced (but loved her gown!) Your friend probably needs to be fairly well recovered from the divorce, but she may love seeing the gown salvaged for happily ever after. All wedding gowns are bought with the hope of a life-long marriage!
  • Shared: I’ve only found this once. But if I encountered it, it’s been done before and since. Someone posted to a chat board and found someone her own size and taste. They bought a gown together. They didn’t know one another and were getting married a few months apart and in separate cities. Could have been tragic, if bride number one had had dropped the accursed red wine, but bride number two had another option up her sleeve, if that were to have happened! Bride number two paid bride number one for half the dress and shipping once she received the dress.
  • Shared another way: This sounds too crazy to be true. But three friends were getting married and attending one another’s weddings as bridesmaids. They decided they would save money all around. They bought one dress and shared it. They found a bridesmaid dress that everyone could live with and had their bridesmaids (also overlapping) purchase the dress in dark purple (that year’s “the new black.”) They had different flowers, different jewelry and different shoes and headpieces. I think there was a ribbon on the dress and I think that morphed along with the weddings, pale blue, pale pink, silver. Now there’s a long line of women clamoring to wear the lucky wedding dress. (And yes, every bride married in the dress is still married!)

You can only do this with people who are the same size (or if the larger, taller woman is being married first!) But it’s a fun and funny way to start your own traditions within your community. Let the dress emphasize what is real that you want to be beautiful for your beloved as you stand before your wedding guests making your wedding vows and that you want your marriage to have the support of the community. Tell the story of the wedding dress in the wedding ceremony and become one more happy woman to walk down the aisle to the future of your dreams in a dress that has already made at least one woman happy.

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