Tips for Great Outdoor Garden Parties

Have you decided to host a large garden party? Whether you’re commemorating a special occasion or intend to simply enjoy the company of family, friends and neighbors, congratulations to you for stepping up and not only offering your home and garden, but offering to host the event. You’re either very excited about the prospect of entertaining a large group of people or you’re quit simply a bundle of nerves. One of the advantages of having a large garden party is that they are traditionally considered to be casual events. The pressure is off to hire a caterer and bring out the silver and white linen. Instead, your guests will come in casual attire and be very relaxed throughout the evening. Just how do you put together such an event? Take these simple recommendations from the professional party planner and caterers and your garden party is sure to be a huge success.

The key to success of any large event is adequate advance planning. The first steps are to define your budget, secure the date and define the guest list.  Because this is a casual event, it is more than acceptable to send eVites to your guests. It’s simple to keep track of, you can see when your guests open the invitation and responses can be seen write on the website’s dashboard.  Once you have the headcount down, you can begin planning. Since your guest will be in your backyard, it may well be necessary to arrange for additional seating and coolers. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on outdoor party ware, outdoor seating and coolers from the huge selection available from West Marine.  Particularly if you will be serving a full meal, it really is necessary that either all of your guests either have a space to sit or you have adequate number of standing tables. Standing tables lend to better party flow and circulation. Rest assured that many of your guests will prefer traditional seating while eating.

Begin to plan your menu. At such a casual event, if your guests offer to lend a hand or bring a dish to share, by all means take them up on their offer. People like to help, and it will certainly lighten your load in the kitchen.  The easiest way to serve a large crowd is by setting up a large buffet where guests can help themselves. Have a separate are for drinks, ice and plenty of glasses. Plan to offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Extra coolers will certainly come in handy.

Finally, consider decoration and entertainment. String lights and candles always set a festive mood and are very easy to set up. Cornhole boards and badminton are always welcome games at an outdoor party. If you’re expecting children, stock up on quantities of sidewalk chalk and let them use their imaginations.  Set up outdoor speakers, put together a fun playlist and let the festivities begin! Best of luck on an enjoyable and memorable garden party!

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